You're ready for your Zyto Insights Scan and your customized wellness plan. Congratulations on taking this step!
Here's what to expect next...
First, using the calendar below, schedule and book the one-on-one time you choose to complete your Zyto Scan Review with me. 

NOTE: When booking, your date/time will not be confirmed UNTIL you click "Schedule Event".

Second, you'll receive two emails:
  • a confirmation email from ME within the next 10 minutes, and
  • a scan email from ZYTO within the next 24 hours.
Make sure you have in your address book so you don't miss a thing. You can also email me here if you have any questions.

If you don't see the scan email after 24 hours, check your spam and promotions folders. Sometimes it hides there!

Plan to create your FREE Zyto Insights account (if you haven't previously) and perform the scan on your own time PRIOR to the time you select for your scan review. (The device you use must have access to wifi and a working microphone.)

Okay great! I'll see you soon!
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