Day 19

(post by Courtney Batista Eby)
Have you felt uncertain at all in the past few years? You would not believe what oil is good for helping release that emotion and ironically it’s good for the immune system too!

Oh yes.

It makes sooo much sense that Thieves is a powerhouse for our health, both physical and emotional since our emotions are closely linked with our physical health…

When we are sick our energy is low, we struggle with brain fog and lethargy. Thieves can help us there! Rosemary, Clove, and Cinnamon are all wonderful for helping combat brain fog, clearing the mind, and energizing our spirits. Diffuse, apply, add to an Epsom salt bath.

Give me all the clarity! 

If you're feeling uncertain or unfocused, the blend of oils in Thieves can be helpful. You can dilute and apply it over the throat or over the liver. The way out is repeating “I am clear and focused” and applying it extra diluted over the saliva glands right behind where your jaw ends under your ear!

🙈 For when you’re feeling sneaky
(no really! like when you want to hide from the truth) - the other side is feeling direct so focus on “I am clear” and put it diluted on the outside of your right mid ribs. Totally sounds weird but that’s what Carolyn L. Mein, D.C. put in her book!

😳 For when you’re feeling “different
she suggests the other side is “Real” and to say “I embrace consciousness” while putting it diluted on … guess where? the same place. Right mid ribs on the side.

(post by Denise Baker)
We're winding down to the last few days of our 21 days of Releasing Emotions. How are you feeling?