Day 20

(post by Lindsay Marie)
Emotions and Mindset
We are coming to the end of our 21 emotional release journey. Your mindset has played a huge role in what we have experienced and how we have reacted over the past 2 years. Just know where we were is not where we have to stay. We have the ability to release our emotions, change our mindset, using the essential oils from the premium starter kit to make a huge impact on our lives!

Enjoy more explanation in the video!

(post by Jessica Watts)
One more day! Can you believe it?!
Who has noticed any changes? Do you feel more lighter? Have things popped up that you have been able to deal with a little better?
It's been a FUN three weeks and I'm super proud of you all for sticking with us this far!

(post by Denise Baker)
You're so close to finishing 21 days of consistently using your starter bundle oils. We're so proud of you!!

We've seen folks say that they're sleeping better, feeling lighter, having more patience with their little ones - tell us what you've noticed the most?

Did you struggle in journaling but finding it easier? Was there an oil that you weren't too keen on but have learned to like it (maybe just a little)? Are you happier when you wake up in the morning? Noticing an improvement in the afternoon slump?

We want to hear 😀