Day 2

(post by Lindsey Marie)
First, crack open that bottle of Stress Away and take a big inhale. Vacation in a bottle! We all could use a vacation.

Studies show that stress is at the root of more health problems and diseases than we realize and learning to use tools that help us to relax and release negative emotions increases our daily quality of life.

This oil has an amazing combination of Lime, Vanilla, Copaiba, Cedarwood, Ocotea and Lavender that provides a soothing & exotic aroma.

Let’s break down how this oil can aid in emotional release:
  • Copaiba: Has the ability to calm the nervous system and is a powerful tool to reduce inflammation. Stress causes the body to create inflammation (which can be the cause of pain and illness in our body)
  • Lime: Stimulates the mind, it has an ability to uplift, calm, relieve anxious feelings. It is known to help cleanse the liver, which is where we store stress, anger and criticism.
  • Cedarwood: This oil helps stipulate the limbic center of the brain (where emotions and memory are processed and stored), supports focus, cognition and memory, stabilizing and grounding, which promotes rest and peace.
  • Ocotea: Supports feelings of completeness, peace and tranquility. Another added bonus - this oil helps keep us balanced so we are not turning to an emotional response to raise our blood sugar and eat!
  • Lavender: Known for its ability to calm and soothe, Lavender also helps support focus and mental clarity. It helps by working on blood pressure, self-loathing, and anxiety.
  • Vanilla: Not only smells delicious but known for its own ability to support mental health. It supports a calm, serene environment, helps elevate mood and stimulate joyful memories, and may help relieve nervous tension.
To combat the emotions of Cruel, Apathy, Lies, Not getting enough apply Stress Away right into your belly button!

Try this when you can't stop worrying about all of the things

Magic Blue Roller:
  • 10mL roller bottle
  • 10 drops each: Valor, Bergamot (or sub Citrus Fresh), Frankincense & Stress Away
  • Top with V-6 Carrier oil or other carrier oil
  • Roll on wrists or over heart and inhale deeply.

(post by Denise Baker)
Check out this quick intro by the author of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Dr. Carolyn Mein.

While we won't be diving into alarm points, we will be sharing which emotions the oils from the starter bundle can help us work through. As I mentioned yesterday in the kick off video, if an emotion resonates with you, dive into the book to learn more.

This video explains a little in what's in that book and how to use it.


(post by Denise Baker)

Ok friends, how are we doing? I know we’re just getting started but we want to give you a place to share, ask questions and simply check-in. So you’ll see a check-in post like this each day.

Anyone crack open an oil bottle for the first time for the challenge? If so, let us know which one and what’d you think?

Here’s to day two!