Day 4

(post by Courtney Batista Eby)
Oh. my. goodness. Can we be frank about Frank real quick?

It legit is the oil I put on my babies after they are first born bc of all that it does for the body. Seriously just go to and search for “frankincense and _____” using whatever issue you’d like to search!
But emotions-wise? oh man we've got some heavy ones here.

Frankincense is helpful for releasing feelings of anger, entanglement, and abandonment. This sentiment in feeling form can mean you feel so dependent on or entangled with someone else's opinion or thoughts about you that anything they do makes you angry and triggered.

In Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Dr. Mein says that the alarm point for this is the "ego- point", which is the center of your chest.

If a particular relationship is extra hard, the way out of it is to Surrender and Detach, standing in your own power and security. Frankincense can help you get there!

Here's how to use it for releasing stuck emotions related to this:
  • Rub Frankincense over the center of the chest whenever you feel that deep, angry feeling, or when your chest hurts from emotional struggles.
  • Say statements like: "I am grounded." or "I stand in my power."
  • Inhale Frankincense until you feel something shift and that burden in your chest gets lighter!
(Info adapted from Eryn Jones as written in the LifeSteps app)

😰 Have you ever tried it under your tongue or to the roof of you’re mouth when you’re overwhelmed? (it doesn’t taste great but I recommend it!)

💫 Dizziness - put above the tragus of the ear and repeat "I take back my movement"

💔 Worthless feeling - focus on the other side of it (feeling approval) say "I am valuable" while putting it on your gums and teeth on the sides of your mouth.

Diffusing is so powerful and healthy. Give these a try!
  • Campfire Calm: Vetiver, Grounding, Frankincense
  • Goodnight Moon: Valor, Tangerine, Frankincense
  • Morning Meditation: Frankincense, Joy
  • Relax & Release: Lavender, Frankincense, Northern Lights Black Spruce
What’s one of your fave ways to use Frank? (could be emotions related or not 😉)

(post by Denise Baker)
Here's another great video from Dr. Carolyn Mein with a demonstration on how to use the book and technique in releasing emotional patterns.

(post by Denise Baker)
It’s Friday, friends! We’re halfway through the first week. How are you feeling?
We have a super fun announcement coming your way on Monday and we can’t wait to share!! Until then, any plans for the weekend?