Day 9

(post by Jessica Watts)
Don’t you just love the smell of lemons?? There’s something really uplifting in the scent of a lemon. It reminds me of all things fun and happy!

Lemon is an amazing oil with so many amazing benefits too! Lemon is personally one of my favorites for when my kiddos or anyone in my family is not feeling 100%. It has Limonene in it which is so good for us. We immediately toss this one in the diffuser with some Thieves!

Here are the emotions that Lemon can help with:

🍋Left Behind. This makes me think about FOMO…Fear of Missing Out. I personally don’t like this feeling. Sometimes it can make us feel like we are being singled out and we are missing so much. 💛The other side of Feeling left behind is Move and the way to release this emotion is by saying “I am free to move forward” while applying Lemon over your heart. ~Just look ahead to the future and keep going!

🍋Entitlement. This feeling can be overpowering at times. If you have trouble or struggle with being seen, heard or respected, it can leave us feeling critical of others. Staying humble during this time may be hard to do when we feel so attacked. 💛 The other side of Entitlement is Respectful. Release this emotion by saying “I am compassionate” while applying Lemon over your throat. ~In these situations, being grateful is a good way to help get out of this funk.

🍋Fear of Detachment.
Feeling like you need others to keep you going, like you can’t make it on your own. Feeling like we need to be connected to the world to keep you going. 💛The other side of Detachment is Sustained. Release this emotion by saying “I can stand alone” while applying Lemon to the back of your neck. ~You can do all things and can make it. You are strong and full of strength!

🍋Emptiness. Feeling like you have given all you can give and have nothing left to possibly give anyone else. If you’re not filling yourself up and taking care of yourself, or not giving yourself time to recoup after a hard day. 💛The other side of Emptiness is Full. Release this emotion by saying “I am full” while applying Lemon right above your breast area. ~You can do hard things, but you need to take time for yourself and fill up your cup before being able to pour into others.

🍋 Frustration. In life, it’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go the way that we planned or thought. 💛The other side of Frustration is accomplishment. Release this emotion by saying “I move beyond my limitations” while applying lemon to the Common Bile Duct alarm point. This area is on the right side right underneath your rib cage.

🍋Unreliability. Fear of being unreliable. I can relate to this as a momma of 4 kiddos and feeling like I’m not doing enough or not able to give them everything at one time. Or if you have others who look up to you and you always feel the need to provide for them or they do rely on you. 💛The other side of Unreliability is Reliable. Release this emotion by saying “I honor myself” while applying Lemon on the temple area.

🍋Sadness. I’m sure we all have felt this emotion at some time in our lives. 💛 The other side of Sadness is Joy. Release this emotion by saying “I see the humor in the situation” while applying Lemon to the CNF/Lymph Alarm Points. This area covers your throat and on your chest over your heart. ~Always find the good in every situation, good or bad.

🍋Stuck. When you feel like you can’t move forward. When you can’t see the future outcome and have no clue what it will look like. 💛The other side of feeling stuck is Transformed. Release this emotion by saying “I experience” while applying Lemon to your forehead. ~This feeling doesn’t last, it’s just temporary. Move forward with grace and love.

🍋Suffocated. I speak a lot of these emotions from a mom’s point of view. I personally feel like I relate to all of these. Being a Stay-at-home momma, the days are long and by the end of the day, I do feel suffocated. Just being pulled on, touched, called on, dealing with sibling rivalry, it can become overwhelming and sometimes I feel as though I cannot breathe. Can anyone else relate?! 💛The other side of feeling suffocated is Breathe. Release this emotion by saying “I can breathe” while applying Lemon right below your heart across your chest. ~The days are long, but the years are short, and time is fleeting. Take time to breathe during the day. 💛

What do you love to use lemon for? Have any moms ever used Lemon for any of these Emotions?

(post by Amanda Friedl)
Hey everyone!! My name is Amanda Friedl and I am a certified to offer an Aroma Freedom Technique session ❤. (Here after will be called AFT) to this group.

My quick intro: I'm a wife, large family mom, grandma and passionate YL user who had an amazing personal experience with my first AFT and decided that night I wanted to know more.

I got certified for AFT approximately 4 years ago and my speciality in sharing is with large groups! We are going to set those cells in your body to find FREEDOM with our oils and our thoughts! (Won't this be amazing!). You will be amazed at what one session can do! Come with a goal in mind, something that you haven't been able to achieve or that you really want to have in your future! It can be relationship, job, weight- related or definitely an emotion you want to release!

Your admin team has set up for me to come in next Wednesday night and we'll be walking through an actual AFT - and you can do it with the oils that you have! (I'm dropping a graphic below)

Have you done an AFT Session before?

(post by Jessica Watts)
Day 9: Daily Check-In
What do you look forward to everyday with the challenge? What's your favorite part?
Mine is probably all the Valor!