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(post by Denise Baker)
Meet your hosts 🙂 You’ll learn more about us in the coming weeks but here’s a little snippet on each of us. One thing to know about all of us is that many of us didn’t know each other outside of Young Living but have met along the way and are grateful to be part of such an incredible community

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Courtney is a dancing-in-her-kitchen, homeschooling mama who used to be a written-up-a-lot music teacher for taking too many sick days mama. (spoiler alert: while she was a teacher, a set of oils began changing her life in more ways than she could imagine.)

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Hillary is on a mission to make midlife hip, fun and stylish. She believes the best years are yet to come so we should make the most of it!

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Lindsay is a mom to two. She loves to empower women in motherhood from pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond. Motherhood also ignited her passion of natural living to be the gatekeepers of our home and make better decisions for ourselves and generations beyond us!

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Mike S introduces people to themselves and helps them channel their energy into their gift. Thru developing a strong mindset that encompasses consistency and result ownership.

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Natalie is a fur mom to 6, who believes old people are cool, and enjoys the adventures of uncertainty. Her passion is to empower others through education in finding more natural ways to support themselves, their family and their home.

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Mike K is a fur dad of 6 who seeks o be a light in the darkness to help people live their best life. I’m passionate to help others know that natural wellness products are legit with the physical and emotional benefits my family has experienced.

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Jessica is a homeschool mom to her 4 kiddos. She is currently working through healing and emotions while learning how to be free from past baggage. She is passionate to share with others who struggle with the same types of issues and want to be free as well.

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Denise is an empty nester to 4 and Lolly to 5 grand kids. She loves to travel, has a love for photography and paper crafts that she doesn’t tap into nearly enough. Her love language is quality time so any chance she can get together with friends, she’s most likely to say “count me in!”

Tell us a little about yourself in the comments below. We’d love to get to know you a bit!

(post by Courtney Batista Eby)
Hola! My name’s Courtney and I’m a former diehard bleach and candle user … Fabuloso, you name it 😅.

soooo I was totally the person who bought a kit in support of my friend thinking “this sounds awesome!” Except when I opened them up I was surprised they smelled like the earth and not like the candles I was used to 🙈 they sat in my closet for almost a year.

I had no idea what they were truly capable of!

When my oldest child was 2, I used to work in a huge school of about 1400 kids - and I saw most of them every week for music. We were sick so much from all the germs that I would get written up for taking days to take care of myself and my family.

I was so stressed out and tired that some days when I was driving, I just wanted to let go of the steering wheel. Don’t get me wrong - I love life and would never want to hurt myself, but I just wanted to escape from all the sickness and stress. I was so tired.

Then one week while I was home with hand, foot, and mouth (schools are so gross), my friend hit me up about using the oils I had stashed away.


We started staying healthier more and I learned how to use them to sleep better and manage my stress and emotions in ways that transformed my life. 😭 And belonging to a community of such supportive and positive people was something I didn’t even know how badly I needed it.

Obviously I couldn’t stop talking about everything and began to see how sharing my stories could help my friends and family too. So now I’m all in with empowering other families with the oils and community that transformed me life. 💖

I can't wait to see how more families are helped and the impact we'll make for those we love and those we have only just met!

It’s so hard to just pick a handful of faves but I’d have to say my top 5 are Ningxia Red, Valor, Thieves Cleaner, Sulfurzyme, and Progessence+ bc of how much they’ve helped my family.

What’s yours? or if you’re knew, what are you most excited to try?


(post by Denise Baker)
Hello friends! Over the next few days, you'll learn a little more about each of our hosts. I have the pleasure of kicking things off.

My name is Denise and I live in Orlando, FL with my husband and two canine babies (they're just as spoiled as my children were) I'm an empty nesting mama of 4 amazing adults and have a total of 5 grandchildren that call me Lolly.

Almost 6 years ago, I was introduced to Young Living through a trusted friend. I knew nothing about essential oils or the power they'd have in our home. I'd never even heard of Young Living but knew that my friend trusted the company and he was able to answer all the questions I had. (I had a LOT of questions)

I started using my diffuser right away and jumped into our team Facebook groups to learn all that I could. It was a lot at first but I knew that I didn't need to know it all at once and wrote down the things that I tried or wanted to try.

Three months prior, my husband had fallen from our roof. His injuries included broken ribs and vertebrae and resulted in about a 6 week period of short term disability. He'd returned to work right around the time that I purchased my starter bundle with Young Living. Within his first week, he came down with a little respiratory issue that resulted in a few trips to his doctor, two rounds of antibiotics, steroids, cough capsules and more - after three weeks, his cough was still heavy and the pain of the broken ribs was immense. I was encouraged to use the oils that we had and shown how to do the research to find oils that would help to support a healthy respiratory system. As he used the oils, we started seeing a significant difference.

That experience showed me the power of the oils and made me eager to find more ways to use them. We are still learning and still seeing the power of what the oils can do.

We weren't experts (and wouldn't even consider us experts now). I did know that this was an area that I wanted to learn more. I started to find ways to use my oils daily. I started to understand the negative impact that that many of our every day products were having on our bodies. (cleaning products, candles, room sprays, beauty products, etc). I started to make the changes in our home to cut some of those toxins. I say "some" because I know that I'll never live a 100% toxin free life. Every small step we take adds to a much bigger impact.

I am fascinated by the connection between essential oils and our emotions and really do look forward to spending these next few weeks together.

Tell me - how long have you been using the Young Living products?


(post by Hillary Hoch Chybinski)
Well hello there!

I'm Hillary and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband of nearly 27 years and our two boys. I was born and raised in Jersey, and it's true what they say about taking the girl out of Jersey, but not the Jersey out of the girl. 😂

My great-grandparents had a farm, and my grandparents had plenty of fruits and vegetables growing in their garden while I was growing up. But honestly, I wasn't really raised on "natural" products. When I had my own kids, I exclusively breastfed and even tried my hand at homemade baby foods.
I always tried to buy the best personal care products my budget would allow, but I had no idea about harmful ingredients. Almost 8 years ago, one of my good friends started using essential oils. She was smart and savvy and I was intrigued by what she was sharing.

Long story short, I went to one of her parties, and went home anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Premium Starter Kit. And then it sat there. Unopened. Untried. I was scared. Scared I would make a mistake or use something wrong. My friend had invited me to all her education groups and sent me plenty of information - I had everything I needed except courage. (if only I had opened that bottle of Valor on Day 1)

Eventually, I opened a few bottles and drop by drop I started to make my way along the journey. Friends - I now use more oils in the first two hours of my day than I did in a whole week back then! I am always finding new uses for these amazing products.

We're all here to learn a little something new and share the experiences we've had so far. So don't be shy . . .what type of "oiler" would you say you are??
Casual 😊
Regular 😎
Devoted 🤩


(post by Jessica Watts)
Hello everyone! I am Jessica and I am a work from home, homeschooling momma. Born and raised most of my life around semi-Northern Virginia but home is now on the outskirts of Baton Rouge. I have been married to my husband, Chad, for 15 years and together for almost 19. We have 4 amazing kids and feel so blessed to be able to raise them with knowledge and wisdom of natural things. I love Jesus, Coffee, the color Mustard, Bluefish shoes, plants & gardening, wine & spending free time at home with my family. I have been using oils off and on for over 8 years but completely, all in, for the past 4.

My oily journey began 8 years ago when I had 2 little girls who were really having a hard time getting to sleep at night. For some reason, I didn't want to put them on melatonin, so I was looking for something more natural to help them get to sleep. I had a friend who reached out to me and asked me if I had considered trying essential oils. I bought my first bottle of oil, Cedarwood, and tried it...and guess what??? My girls fell asleep the first night. I was amazed but was 100% sold on a kit at that time and wasn't into changing my lifestyle back then.

Fast forward 4 years later and I have one of my daughters who was having the worst time going to the bathroom. I was told by the doctors to put her on an over-the-counter product to mix up in her water to help her to go the bathroom. Of course, I was young and not wise and listened to almost everything that the doctors told me to do. (I now know that this product is super toxic and not even made for children 😱) I had another friend reach out to me and asked me if I had tried Digize before to help her go. I had not heard of that, but the name alone sold me lol. I bought a bottle of Digize and as soon as I got it, mixed it with some carrier oil and rubbed it on her belly. 5 minutes later, she was in the bathroom. Again, I was in shock and amazed at how fast these oils were working. I still wasn't all in.

A few months later, that same friend asked me about purchasing a starter kit that way I could have all of the popular oils at once and I finally bought my kit. I slowly started tossing toxic things out of our home. I threw out all of my candles and started filling rooms with diffusers. I tossed out toxic blue dish soap and started making my own. I finally began tossing out the toxic cleaners that we hoarded. I had so many it was insane! Did you know that Thieves cleaner can replace ALL of your toxic cleaners?!

I have never been happier to be a part of an amazing company that cares about wellness and shares it with us. I'm grateful to have products that I can clean my house with and not feel guilty or ashamed about whether or not it will harm my children. I am thankful to have oils to help support our body systems and keep our immune systems boosted. I'm especially thankful to have these products when we are not feeling well, the sickness time is a lot shorter when we support it with supplements, oils and diffuse them.

I'm excited to be on this little journey to better our emotions using essential oils. Emotions and oils are really fascinating to me currently so I can't wait to see the outcome!

If you're a Young Living customer, tell me what is your favorite YL product and why?


(post by Lindsay Marie)

We are Mike and Lindsay Sserwanja, here is a little bit about us. We have been married for almost 5 years now and have two beautiful boys (3 and 16 months).

Our journey with Young Living began when Lindsay was 8 months pregnant with our first son. She was in search of Lavender oil to help make the labor process more pleasant. As a result, her sister gifted her the amazing Premium Starter Bundle and our journey began.

Bringing children in this world makes one assess what is going into your body and the bodies of your children. As parents, we are the gatekeepers of our homes and we want to give our children the best possible chance to live a healthy life.

Mike having spent his childhood in Uganda, where toxic products were not prevalent at the time, there was an emphasis on using natural remedies. For example, if someone had a stomach ache, they would use peppermint from the garden behind the house as opposed to running to a store for some pills. Because of that non toxic experience Mike had growing up, he wants the same non-toxic opportunity for his children too.

Consequently, we started to do more research and realized the products we had available and were putting on our skin were absorbed right into our blood stream and the products we were using from the store were laden with chemicals.

The cleaning products we used were toxic and were also on the clothes we put on our body. The soap we used to wash our dishes, clean the table and sanitize the floor from which our children ate was also toxic.

With the introduction of the starter bundle, we then dove into the whole product offering of Young Living that makes better and safer ingredient choices for all the products in our home. Talk about easy button.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients hiding in your cabinet? Which one would you definitely need to switch?


(post by Natalie Kravitz)

Hello, so glad you are here! We are Natalie and Mike!!