Day 5

(post by Jessica Watts)
Panaway is an amazing blend of Clove, Helichrysum, Peppermint, and Wintergreen, and creates a cooling and soothing sensation when applied to fatigued muscles after physical activity.

This very popular blend helps reduce aches and pains that you have in your body. It helps increase circulation and helps muscles to heal faster. It helps relieve swelling and aches from sprains, muscle spasms, cramps, bumps and bruises.

Here are the emotions that Panaway can help with!

🔹Exhaustion, this is something that happens when we overdo ourselves and are constantly on the go with not a lot of downtime. Sometimes when we have negative emotions, we can tend to get busy to help us not to remember that there are some things that we need to deal with. This can really strain our body and muscles into getting locked up and tight which can cause pain.

💙The other side of exhaustion is Energy and the way to release this emotion is by saying “I nurture myself” while applying Panaway to the Muscle Alarm point which is in the area of your lower back.

🔹Fear of feeling emotions. Have you ever been triggered and as soon as that memory comes up you immediately shut it down and shove it down so that you don’t have to relive that moment? Most days, we overlook and suppress our emotions that we don’t want to deal with because that can be scary for us. And when we hold on to those negative emotions and feelings, it can fester inside of our body's and come out as pain somewhere in our body. Using Panaway can help release the fear of feeling our emotions and help us to be able to feel them and let them go.

💙The other side of fear of feeling emotions is Feeling and the way to release this emotion is by saying “I let go and allow” while applying Panaway to the Fascia alarm point which is in the area of the tops of your legs.

🔹Pain is the last emotion and one kind of like the Fear of Emotions, we have to learn to feel our way through our emotions and to let the negative go so that we don’t harbor this negativity in our bodies.

💙The other side of Pain is Vibrant and the way to release this emotion is by saying “I am alive” while applying Panaway to the Injury alarm point which is in the area of the tops of your shoulders.

Wow, lots of good information there! Did you know that Panaway can help with releasing these emotions? Do you have any of these issues that you deal with? What is your favorite way to use Panaway?

(post by Denise Baker)
Happy Saturday friends! We’ll keep today’s check in short and sweet - enjoy your day!